The beast

Rescue me from the jaws of the beast
Despair he feeds from me 
My limbs are weak and stiff
I am at the end of what I thought was me
Confront my anguish and tears 
They are a potion of mixed beliefs
I wandered and wandered and fell into the mouth of the beast
Now I sit and stare
As he chews and churns 
Everyone else is unaware of the horror of his glare
All they see is a friendly man 
I tire of this curse
The fading strength of my bare hands 
I thought this was the way of the free
A life lived with no paid fees
I cannot tell for sure what I really need
Each day brings no relief
He lies and they believe
He is actually a thief 
Now I find myself trying to escape 
My minds’ most evil plague 
My soul is grappling about, for a life worthy to undertake
All my days, I spend dreaming of someplace safe
Still, I get weaker and more frail
Who can speak for me and free me from this cage


 Photo Phill Kallahar on

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