Close the doors
Let me see me
On all true walls
The flow of my mind
The cadence of my heart
The dance in my bright eyes
The lovely of my smile
The cozy of my languish laughter
The comfort in my dreamy arms
The future in my hands
I've wondered what they could do
Break the earth in half
Dig a damn for my clan
The truth about me
I've wondered what I could do
Leave a morass with a step
Topple an army with a breath
I've wondered who I could be for you
A sun to your moon
A fruit for your room
Walls walls with the truth
Who am I despite the rules 

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You are a pacific wilderness
A slow muse
A free religion
A tender fuse
A torrential sameness
I discovered you 
With sluggish attempts
I found you limping
On wounded courage
Yet still reaching
With sweet congruence
You are a wondrous gloom
A thoughtful ocean
God knit you
Layer by layer
You are a slow lucid prayer
A decisive arrow
A passionate tune
A something new

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Fierce love caught me by my sleeve
I pondered on it in my sleep-
and it grew a shell that covered my shamed skin
Silent love gave me a voice to sing
I sang hymns with the holy birds of spring-
Indulging the ruler of realms
Suffering love drowned my every fear
I went and sought bounty in the enemie's midst-
and my arms were free, for treasures came out following me
Pure love cleansed my blood of sin
I dreamt of an ever warm sun once that year-
and I poured my minds' war into the cold sea
My chest now swells with gladness
Seeing that great affection extended its reach to cover me
To save me from eternal ending

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A ransom for his origin
An endless love collision
A rose that bled crimson
Revealing the praised hallowed
Filling mens' hollow
Declarations from the higher deep
Of mercies and consecrated peace
Word manifest as presence
Essence sculpted bodily
The breathing expression
Deity in motion
Passion in action

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The beast

Rescue me from the jaws of the beast
Despair he feeds from me 
My limbs are weak and stiff
I am at the end of what I thought was me
Confront my anguish and tears 
They are a potion of mixed beliefs
I wandered and wandered and fell into the mouth of the beast
Now I sit and stare
As he chews and churns 
Everyone else is unaware of the horror of his glare
All they see is a friendly man 
I tire of this curse
The fading strength of my bare hands 
I thought this was the way of the free
A life lived with no paid fees
I cannot tell for sure what I really need
Each day brings no relief
He lies and they believe
He is actually a thief 
Now I find myself trying to escape 
My minds’ most evil plague 
My soul is grappling about, for a life worthy to undertake
All my days, I spend dreaming of someplace safe
Still, I get weaker and more frail
Who can speak for me and free me from this cage


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I'm addicted to home
Being alone
Songs have a different tone
and my skin is a robe
Comfort dances in my bones
Bringing cheer to my soul
Drowning out life's blows
Coaxing the rhythm of slow
Separating friend from foe
Maintaining the mode of hope
Wholly bright as the sun
So free and carefree

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Out there, it's cold
The wind cuts through the paths
Knocking down walls that hide doubtful laughter
Ripping out scabs before their span
Pressing down hurt against the chest 
In your arms there's a warmth
A brilliant maze I was meant to complete
The destination of a desire that was never hidden
A map designed by a trained hunter of treasure
Well polished a million seconds in the pressure
When I need you I feel a tether
A see-through vein that bleeds your heart into mine
A seaside rain that fills the vacant mind

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Struggle for ease

Prayers wrapped in wires
Things unaquired
I assume I'm not poor
But I'm forever longing for something more
I've been such a fool
Full of hesitation and fear of the unknown
There are too many voids
I don't recall the sound of my own voice
So I long to soak in a lake of love and abundant calm
To be cleansed and oiled with a sweet scented balm
To lie down and be at ease
Fall asleep and dance in my dreams

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It gets complicated in the waking light
Fierce, it bruises my sight
Reminds me there's no shine in my insides
A delight to keep me upright
Or a serene love where I can abide
Often, I forget I'm alive
In hiding, I wish to die
Diversions accompany the time
Still, the damage is refined
My dismay, irons' pride
I'm hoping I've served my time
Embracing all these crimes
As doors to something I'm missing
Yet has no gain

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko Pexels.com