Out there, it's cold
The wind cuts through the paths
Knocking down walls that hide doubtful laughter
Ripping out scabs before their span
Pressing down hurt against the chest 
In your arms there's a warmth
A brilliant maze I was meant to complete
The destination of a desire that was never hidden
A map designed by a trained hunter of treasure
Well polished a million seconds in the pressure
When I need you I feel a tether
A see-through vein that bleeds your heart into mine
A seaside rain that fills the vacant mind

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Struggle for ease

Prayers wrapped in wires
Things unaquired
I assume I'm not poor
But I'm forever longing for something more
I've been such a fool
Full of hesitation and fear of the unknown
There are too many voids
I don't recall the sound of my own voice
So I long to soak in a lake of love and abundant calm
To be cleansed and oiled with a sweet scented balm
To lie down and be at ease
Fall asleep and dance in my dreams

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It gets complicated in the waking light
Fierce, it bruises my sight
Reminds me there's no shine in my insides
A delight to keep me upright
Or a serene love where I can abide
Often, I forget I'm alive
In hiding, I wish to die
Diversions accompany the time
Still, the damage is refined
My dismay, irons' pride
I'm hoping I've served my time
Embracing all these crimes
As doors to something I'm missing
Yet has no gain

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

For my good

Bread will nourish my bones
The bread of life will revive my hope of living
Mercy will tend to my sorrow
Turn it into blessing
Love will make my stone cold heart beat
Light will cause me to see the brightness of a true king 
Peace will sooth me in the midst of suffering
Fire will consume what is not needed in me
God will surround me with who He is
Sustain me into eternity

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